Rinko Park

Rinko Park is a park along the coast of Minato Mirai Central area and is located in the backyard of PACIFICO Yokohama.

This place can be seen well from the sea like SEA BASS, but from the land it hides behind PACIFICO and it tends not to be seen and become a forgotten existence.

For this reason, there are not many people who usually visit here, it is a secret spot.


Listening like this, it may be misunderstood that this is a somber boring place, but it is not so.

Rinko Park

In the park, there are spacious green spaces and a lot of interesting spots such as art objects, bridges, artificial ponds.

The coastline maintained by stone floor has a nice view, and Yokohama Port is spreading in front.

Rinko Park

And perhaps the best view of Bay Bridge is here.

Watch Bay Bridge from Rinko Park


As I mentioned earlier “There are not many people who usually visit here”, but this park is often used as an event venue and a lot of people come over that day.

Rinko Park

Therefore, in the sense of popularity, it is a well-known place.


This time I will introduce about this Rinko Park in detail.


How to get to Rinko Park

Some people come to Rinko Park at events such as fireworks, so I will explain how to access not only from the nearest station but from other stations.


From Minato Mirai Station, Sakuragicho Station

If you come from the nearest Minato Mirai line Minato Mirai station, or JR Sakuragicho station, you will go through Queen’s Square and PACIFICO Yokohama.

First, go to Queen’s Square from both stations. For detailed routes, please read this article.


When you come to Queen’s Square, go to the second floor. There is a communication path called Queen Mall. (There is also description in the above article)

Queen Mall of Queen's Square

Since there are some information boards to PACIFICO Yokohama in the communication passage, proceed according to it.

Queen Mall guide plate


There is a bridge ahead of the communication passage. Cross it and it is PACIFICO Yokohama.

Queen Mall Bridge

You can see Cosmo World on the right side of the bridge.

Watch Cosmo Clock from Queen Mall Bridge


As you cross the bridge, there is an entrance to PACIFICO Yokohama, so enter. The road is directly connected to the pedestrian deck on the 2nd floor of PACIFICO Yokohama.

Plaza Square in Pacifico Yokohama

When entering, there is a circular square called Plaza Square, and the pedestrian deck surrounds it roundly. Walk here counterclockwise to the other side.


Pass the Intercontinental hotel and also pass the National Convention Hall.

Plaza Square in Pacifico Yokohama


After passing National Convention Hall it is just half a round.

Plaza Square in Pacifico Yokohama

There is a passage heading for the sea there, so advance that road.


Go down the stairs as you come to the end of the aisle. Arrive at Rinko Park.

The sidewalk next to the National Convention Hall in Pacifico Yokohama


Rinko Park spots

Rinko Park has plenty of places to see. Spreading green spaces, funny objects, artificial pond, and arch bridge.

This is the map of Rinko Park. The part surrounded by the yellow line is the site of the park, and the main spots are stuck with pins.

I will introduce these spots in order from the south side near the entrance.


South Exit Square

South Exit Square is the entrance when you come from Minatomirai Station or JR Sakuragi-cho Station.

South Exit Square in Rinko Park

When there are events such as fireworks, tents stand here.


This is the coastline beyond the South Exit Square. The Bay Bridge is visible from there, it is a little far.

The coastline ahead of South Exit Square in Pacifico Yokohama

From there I saw the coastline of the park toward the north. Speaking of Rinko Park is the view of this curved stone coastline.

Coastline of Rinko Park


Next to South Exit Square is the National Convention Hall. The exterior with 2 shells as a motif goes well to this place.

National Convention Hall next to South Exit Square



From the South Exit Square, walk north to the stone pavement, there is a shop.

Rinko Park's Shop

The shop closes soon, it is closed around 17 o’clock.

Rinko Park's Shop


There is a hut covered with ivy behind the shop. Watching closely it was a restroom, it’s a bit stylish.

Toilet behind Rinko Park's shop


Lawn Square

There is a spacious green ground just ahead of the shop. This is the main spot of this park, Lawn Square.

Lawn Square at Rinko Park

There are not many people here usually. People walking, picnickers, young people playing balls are occasionally seen. But on the day the event is held, the stage will be set up here and overflow with people.


It is a picture taken from the edge close to the coast.

Lawn Square at Rinko Park

The high-rise buildings of Minato Mirai are peeping behind the trees.


When crossing the plaza and going to near PACIFICO Yokohama on the other side, there was a row of pine trees that was well maintained.

Lawn Square at Rinko Park

I looked at the sea from there.

Lawn Square at Rinko Park

It is unique in this park to see the sea and green at the same time.


An anchor object

An anchor object is set along the coast of Lawn Square.

An anchor object of Rinko Park

There is no plate, so I do not know what it is derived from. But it is a suitable object for this park.


Three objects

There are three objects at the coastal corner north of Lawn Square.

Three objects of Rinko Park


The first one is “Fruit Tree”. Probably the most prominent object in this park.

Rinko Park's Fruit Tree

This is the work of Mr. CHOI JEONG-HWA. After being exhibited at the Yokohama Triennale 2001, it was donated to Yokohama City in commemoration of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Japan-Korea co-hosting.


Next, “Hymn to the History and the Future – Rainbow Space ’95”

Hymn to the History and the Future - Rainbow Space '95

This is a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Japan Brazilian friendship, and the monument of the same type is also set up at the Pan American park in Sao Paulo city.


Lastly “Shaking hands with Lima”

Shaking hands with Lima of Rinko Park

This is a memorial statue of the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration in Peru. In 1989 the statue of “Sakura-chan” commemorating the 90th anniversary was established in Lima city, Peru. Ten years later in 1999 “Lima chan” of that sister statue was set up in Yokohama.


Shioiri Pond and Arch Bridge

Going further from the place of the object, the area is at the northern end of the park, there are Shioiri Pond and Arch Bridge there.

Shioiri Pond of Rinko Park

Shioiri Pond is an artificial pond that draws in the seawater, and it is a taste that the water level of the pond goes up and down in response to the tide fullness.

Around the pond, there are stages and stairs that become a substitute for the bench and are used as an outdoor theater in the event.


This is Arch Bridge. It straddles the seawater entrance.

Rinko Park's Arch Bridge


I just saw Shioiri Pond from above the Arch Bridge.

Shioiri Pond of Rinko Park

The foreground is the lead-in path for sea water, and there is a round pond ahead. There is a walking path on the right side of the pond and the middle bulges in a semicircular shape, which becomes the stage.

There is a green area beyond the pond, and you can see the high-rise apartment group of Minato Mirai ahead.


This is the walking path and the stage.

Shioiri Pond's Stage


Arch Bridge is slightly elevated and have a nice view. It is the best viewing spot in this park.

Coastline of Rinko Park seen from Arch Bridge

This is a view from the bridge facing the Intercontinental Hotel and looking at the coastline.


Also, this is a view from the bridge over Landmark Tower and Queen’s Tower.

Watching Lawn Square from Arch Bridge

From here, it seems that A, B, C building of Queen’s Tower overlaps with interesting feeling. Here is what expanded only there.

Queen's Tower seen from Arch Bridge


The coast behind the Arch Bridge seems to be a good fishing spot, and whenever I go, someone is hanging a fishing line. About 3 people came across this day.

Fishing spot behind Arch Bridge


State of Kaiko-Sai in 2017

Since Rinko Park is the largest park in the Minato Mirai area, regional events like fireworks and Bon Odori, May Day meetings and so on will be held here.

Although it is a regional event, the scale is big because it is held by Yokohama City. Major ones are Kaiko-Sai in June, Kanagawa newspaper fireworks festival in August etc.

Among them, I will introduce the state of Kaiko-Sai in June 2017.


First, the state of South Exit Square.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017

It is a quiet place usually, but overflowing with people this day.


It is Lawn Square. Two hours before the fireworks began, it was almost buried by taking place.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017


It is a participant of Dream of Harmony that lined up along the coast. It is a choir by citizen volunteers.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017


There were stalls around three objects of Lawn Square. After all the festival is like this.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017


In Shioiri Pond, a street dance contest was held.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017

Participants are mainly children, but as they have won the qualifying, they are good at dancing.


I moved near the stage of Lawn Square and saw Dream of Harmony (chorus).

Kaiko-Sai in 2017


A little before 19 o’clock. As the sun goes down, the expectations for fireworks are rising and the atmosphere gets excited with a good feeling.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017


Fireworks are coming. At the stage, the production using laser light, music, flame starts and excites the atmosphere.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017


Go along the coast and watch fireworks.

Kaiko-Sai in 2017

I enjoyed waterfront fireworks as well.


It is a succession of finale… Unfortunately, most of the big balls are not reflected😞

Kaiko-Sai in 2017

I’m sorry. I was absorbed in seeing fireworks, I could not take a picture properly.


The introduction of Rinko Park is over.

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