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Keisuke Yamashita(Pen name)

Born in 1968. Man. I grew up in Zushi, Kanagawa, now I am living in Yokohama.


Since I was a child, I often came to Yokohama for fun.

In Isezakicho, there was a movie theater called Odeon. When I was a elementary school student, I walked around from Odeon to Yurindo through the Isezaki Mall for many times. I was surprised it was a big city (compared to Zushi) and had a longing for Yokohama.

At the west entrance of Yokohama station there is an electric shop called Arik Nisshin. When I went through the front of the shop, same CM song flowed repeatedly, finally it got stuck in my head and I am able to remember it even now.

When I was a university student, the development of Minato Mirai began. As the new city was created, the flow of people in the traditional city of Yokohama changed. I witnessed the changing of the city in real time.

After that I worked in Tokyo and sometimes walked around Tokyo. I noticed that there is personality in each city even in the same city, especially Yokohama has a distinct personality that stands out clearly. It became even more appealing to its charm.


This Yokohama city, exotic, somewhere nostalgic, with the unique character of the interlace of modern and retro, I think I could tell everyone the charm of this city in this site.