Rinko Park


Rinko Park is a park along the coast of Minato Mirai Central area and is located in the backyard of PACIFICO Yokohama.

This place can be seen well from the sea like SEA BASS, but from the land it hides behind PACIFICO and it tends not to be seen and become a forgotten existence.

For this reason, there are not many people who usually visit here, it is a secret spot. Continue reading “Rinko Park”

Grand Mall Park


The Grand Mall Park is a very long park running through the Minato Mirai Central Area from north to south from between Landmark Plaza and Queen’s Square to Shin-takashima station.

It is a popular walking course because there are plenty of illuminations here. On the way back from Minato Mirai, there are a lot of people who walk home through the Grand Mall Park to Yokohama station rather than to the nearest Sakuragicho station and Minatomirai station. Continue reading “Grand Mall Park”