How to reach Minato Mirai, 3 routes

When you go to Minato Mirai by train, there are three stations. Nearest JR Sakuragicho station, Minatomirai station, and a little further away Yokohama station.

I will explain how to access Minato Mirai from each station with photos. Please refer when visiting by sightseeing etc.


From Sakuragicho station to Minato Mirai

This is the access route from Minato-Mirai’s main entrance, JR Sakuragicho station.

When you arrive at Sakuragicho station you will see the Landmark Tower from home. Basically, please proceed in that direction.


Sakuragicho Station front

Sakuragicho station has two tickets (South ticket gate, North ticket gate). You can leave either, so you go out to the east exit (Minato Mirai side).

As you exit the east exit you will find the station square. From there you can see the entrance of the moving walkway at the foot of the Landmark Tower, so head over there.

View the Landmark Tower from Sakuragicho Station


Caution When going to Shinko Area

Please note that if you go to the Shinko Area with Red Brick Warehouse, WORLD PORTERS, MARINE & WALK, the direction will be different.

In this case, you will go there via Kishamichi Promenade. Please see this article for details.


Moving Walkway

It is the entrance of the moving walkway. As this moving walk is elevated across the semi-underground Metropolitan Expressway and Minatomirai-oodori, first go up the escalator.

Moving walkway to cross Minato Mirai from Sakuragicho Station


As you move up the escalator there is a first moving walk. Let’s go on this and proceed.

The first one of the moving walkway crossing Sakuragicho Station to Minato Mirai


Proceed about 100 meters and change to the second moving walk.

The second one of the moving walkway crossing Sakuragicho Station to Minato Mirai


When you get off the second moving walk, let’s turn left along the way.

The second corner of the moving walk that crosses Sakuragicho Station to Minato Mirai


By the way, the corner of this sidewalk is one of the viewpoints of Minato Mirai. From here, the Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU and the illumination of Cosmo Clock look beautiful. This is a night view.

Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU and Cosmo Clock seen from the moving walk from Sakuragicho station to Minato Mirai station


The third, the last moving walk.

The third one of the moving walkway crossing Sakuragicho Station to Minato Mirai


The Landmark Tower

As you get off the moving walkway, the Landmark Tower and the Landmark Plaza are just in front of you.

The entrance of the Landmark Plaza is in front of the sidewalk. Turning to the right there is the entrance of the Landmark Tower.

Landmark Tower entrance and Landmark Plaza entrance


It is the entrance of Landmark Plaza.

Landmark Plaza entrance


The entrance of the Royal Park Hotel is near the moving walkway. If you go to the hotel, please use this entrance.

Royal Park Hotel entrance


Map of this route


From Minatomirai station to Minato Mirai

Minatomirai station is no longer in Minato Mirai, so there is no way to go, but I will show you the route to the main facility Queen’s Square.


Minatomirai Station

Minatomirai station has two tickets, please get out from the ticket gate closer to Motomachi-Chukagai station. When going out from the opposite Yokohama station, it is detouring, and the underground hierarchy is complicated so it’s easy to get lost.

As you exit the ticket gate, go to the left (go to the right in the photo).

Minatomirai station ticket gate


After about 50 meters further, you will get to Queens Square’s underground facility, Station Core.

From Minatomirai station ticket gate to station core


When going to MARK IS Minato Mirai

Going to the right of the opposite side from the ticket gate there is a contact for MARK IS Minato Mirai. This is also a shortcut if you go to the Yokohama Museum of Art and Grand Mall Park.

MARK IS contact port before Minatomirai station ticket gate


Queen’s Square

Since the floor of the ticket gate is the 3rd basement, go up to the first floor with an escalator.

This red huge escalator is a specialty of Minatomirai station, and it gets up three floors at a stretch.

The red huge escalator of Queen's Square


It is the exit of the escalator. This is already in Queen’s Square.

Queen's Square 1st floor. The exit of the red huge escalator

If you go to the Landmark Tower or Pacifico Yokohama, go up one more escalator and go out to the Queen Mall, which is a communication passage, it is easy to access.

If you go to Cosmo World, please leave the exit which is visible in the back of the escalator. You can see the Cosmo Clock of the Ferris wheel behind the plaza.


It is the Queen Mall of the communication passage.

Queen Mall of Queen's Square


It is the Cosmo World seen from Queen’s Square.

Cosmo world seen from Queen's Square


Map of this route

Because Minato Mirai station is in the basement, the setting could not be done well. I will omit it.


From Yokohama Station to Minato Mirai

It is the access route from one of Japan’s leading huge terminal station, Yokohama station.

There are distances compared to Sakuragicho station and Minato Mirai station, but there is also an observation in the route and it is a popular course.

To the center of Minato Mirai takes 20 to 30 minutes with adult’s feet.


Yokohama Station

There are many tickets to Yokohama station with many lines, but the main ones are “Minami ticket gate”, “Central ticket gate”, “Kita ticket gate”.

Among them, I will show you the route from the Central ticket gate on the main street.

Yokohama station Central ticket gate


When you exit the Central ticket gate, please proceed toward the east exit of the passage (central aisle) in front of you.

Please be careful if you go in the opposite direction, you will get lost in a labyrinth like campus.

From Yokohama station Central ticket gate to east exit


When you proceed about 100 m from the ticket gate, you will arrive at the semi-outdoor space on the glass ceiling. This is the east exit.

There is an entrance to the underground shopping area Porta, so please go down to the basement.

Entrance of the underground shopping area Porta at the east exit of Yokohama station


Porta ~ Yokohama Sogo

It is Porta. It’s just going through. Pass by the information counter and continue straight.

Underground shopping area Porta


When you pass through Porta you will be in the space in the stairwell. The front is Yokohama Sogo.

Pass through Porta and exit in Yokohama Sogo

When entering this entrance there is a department basement floor. Sogo’s food floor is full of tenants so please drop in if you have time. When around 7 p.m., time sale such as daily dishes and lunches starts and it is profitable.


From here, go up to the upper floor by escalator beside Sogo entrance.

Take the escalator by the entrance of Yokohama Sogo entrance


When you go up the escalator, it is the floor with a communication passage to Minato Mirai.

Yokohama Sogo basement 1st floor. There is the Minato Mirai communication passage

Turn right at this point and turn left to the end. There is a bus ticket office at the corner, so please make it a landmark.


Next to the bus ticket office there is the communication passage to Minato Mirai. Continue straight here until you reach the end.

Minato Mirai connecting passage on the 1st floor of Yokohama Sogo basement


When you come to the end of the communication passage, turn right. Since there is an escalator ahead, please go up.

At the end of Minatomirai communication path


Hamamirai Walk

Go up the escalator and you will be on the ground.

In front of you there is a connecting bridge to Minato Mirai, Hamamirai Walk. Please cross this.

Hamamirai Walk


By the way this bridge has a nice view, so please have a look at the left hand view if you have time.

Especially at night, the light of the BAY QUARTER reflects to the Katabira river with the apartment group of the Portside Area as the background, it is very beautiful.

Night view of Bay Quarter and Port Side district seen from Hamamirai Walk


Nissan Global Headquarters Building

Nissan Global Headquarters Building will be on the way across Hamamirai Walk. Please go in from the entrance

Entrance of Nissan Global Headquarters


This is a public passage called NISSAN Walk, and you can get through to the other side of the building. It can be used from early morning till late night.



Nissan Gallery

There is the Nissan Gallery on the left of NISSAN Walk. Many Nissan cars are on display.

Admission is free. Please drop by if you have time.

Nissan Gallery


There was GT-R. It seems to be able to test drive. (The type of car that can be tested will vary depending on the event)

GT-R exhibited at Nissan Gallery


Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge

There is a big pedestrian bridge after passing through the NISSAN Walk. Please cross it.

Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge


When you go up the escalator of the pedestrian overpass, the road is divided into two. Please proceed to the right here.

Two tracks of Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge

If you go to the left here, there is a building of Fuji Xerox R&D Square. Going further ahead there is Rinko Park.


Go down the stairs at the side of the sidewalk. You can also use the elevator in front.

Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge

Crossing the pedestrian overpass, you will be in the vicinity of Shin Takashima station on the Minato Mirai line. This area is currently under construction (June 2017) and the route is slightly complicated.

From here, please proceed with the tower reflected on the photo (NTT docomo radio tower) as a marker.


This is the route ahead seen from the stairs of the pedestrian overpass.

Shin Takashima Station viewed from Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge


Around Shin Takashima Station

Following the route there is the entrance of Shin Takashima station. Since there is a way behind that, please go there.

Shin Takashima Station entrance


It is the way behind Shin Takashima station entrance. This is a provisional walking aisle due to construction, so it is a stormy view.

Shin Takashima Station area


Proceeding along the provisional walking aisle you will find a pedestrian overpass. Please cross it.

A pedestrian overpass from Shin Takashima station area to Grand Mall Park


Crossing the pedestrian bridge, you will arrive at the View Square at the northern end of the Grand Mall park that penetrates the Minato Mirai Central Area north and south.

View Square of Grand Mall Park seen from a pedestrian overpass


Go straight ahead at this Grand Mall Park and you will find Landmark Plaza and Queen’s Square. Please visit this article for Grand Mall Park.


Map of this route

I could not set up around Shin Takashima Station well, but it will be roughly this route.


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